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Thirty Day Project

Composition Collages

These are a series of composition studies made with black paper on grey cardboard.

They are developing the Sao Paulo Cityscape woodcut theme I have been doing these past months in a more intensive way.

I am in the fourth woodcut of the series but I have been doing them at the same time as paintings and etchings so I began feeling the need to do them in a more intensive manner. Doing quick composition studies is a way to compact the time it takes to develop a theme, to compact the learning process involved in it. A woodcut is a laborious process and it takes me at least two days to make one, between drawing on the wood and cutting it, then taking proofs and recutting.

I don’t like doing the same thing twice. If something is solved I immediately loose interest in it. So my strategy has always been to do a series of sketches and then to do a brand new work on the canvas. If I do this quickly enough and with enough concentration the quality of the work markedly increases.

I am trying this with the woodcuts and will be posting thirty composition studies this month, one a day, as a Thirty Day Project.

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